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Weihai was once forcely leased by the United Kingdom,therefore, many historical relics in that period were left.

On Liugong Island, tourists can seek the remains of prosperous Seymour Street. There are numerous classic and elegant British architectures, golf course which once belonged to British army and Huangdao fort barbette where British national flag was hoisted, all of which are showed with small sites in Weihaiwei Historical Museum of British Leased Period of Liugong Island Expo Park. The sites show the scene of old period.

Kuanrenyuan Catholic Church

Situated at No. 92 Haibinzhong Road, Kuanrenyuan was built in 1934 and now is the provincial key historical relics protection unit. Since the 24th year of Emperor Guangxu (the year of 1898), more and more churches from western countries came to Weihai to preach.

Churches actively participated in the fields of education, medicine, charity and social improvement events in the hope of expanding their influences.

In 1934, nuns with black garments from Luxembourg extended Kuanrenyuan by using Lushitai Villa of British merchant’s P S Cassidy and nearby land, in which there are orphanage, monastery and a clinical treatment court with a total of 123 rooms.

Ernest Clark’s Private Property

The private property was built in 1913 which belonged to the owner of Lawers & Clark Co. .

The building covers the area of 621 square meters with net area of 281 square meters. The building was designed facing south in a structure of wood and stone with an attic on the roof. What’s worth mentioning is that the building is in irregular shape.

The British Consulate in Weihai

The British Consulate in Weihai was built approximately in 1991, which covers an area of 0.56 hectares and with an constructed area of 546 square meters. The building was designed facing south in a structure of wood and stone. The consulate consists of three houses in a shape of ao (a Chinese Character) with corridors in the direction of south, east and west.

Kanglai Restaurant

Kanglai Restaurant was initially built in 1900 and reconstructed in 1933 and 1934. Kanglai Restaurant is the largest architectural clusters whose constructed area is the largest among all existing old foreign houses in Weihai. The restaurant is divided into eastern and western courtyard with two main buildings and three accessory apartments in the eatern courtyard.

A western dining hall is located in the middle of the restaurant, which can accommodate over one hundred people dinning simultaneously. Large banquets and weddings of Children from wealthy family normally were held here.

Its total constructed area is 3,287 square meters and it was the one of landmarks on Liugong Island.

Guairen Hall

The architecture was completed on October 10th of 1935, which was once the office building of Weihai Municipal Party Committee. Years later, it was transferred to the reception of garrison and now becomes Lujun Hospital (Land Forces Hospital) in Weihai.


Siyanlou is situated at the east of Qinming Garden on Huanhai Road and it was built in the 30th year during the reign of Emperor Guangxu (the year of 1904). The building was formerly a private property which covers 1342 square meters and was designed facing south with three floors, wood-stone structure and rectanglar shape.

There are four stone circular holes in the up-front of main architecture, for which the building was named Siyanlou (meaning four holes builidng). It was used as a tea house.

Lawers & Clark Co.

Lawers & Clark Co. is situated at the north of Yuhua Navy Pier (Formerly Edward Pier). British businessman Ernest Clark opened the company during the 25th year of Emperor Guangxu (the year of 1899) and set up subsidiaries in Shanghai, Hong Kong and other places back then. It became one of the members of British Businessmen Society in China.

Lawers & Clark Co. was one of largest real estate agencies in Weihai. 12 western-style summer houses were built by them in the coastal area of Half Moon Bay and Weihai Bay which accommodated families or solitary tourists for long-term or short-term for rent.

Seymour Street

Seymour Street is in the west of Liugong Island and it is in fact a street along the seaside. The street was originally named after Seymour (the admiral of British army in China) and then was renamed George Street after the King George in Britain. It was initially built in 1920.

Historical Relics of British Leased Period
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