Since Weihai became a prefecture-level city in 1987, it has maintained a sound and rapid economic growth with an average annual increase of nearly 17% in GDP, over 10 thousand dollars of per capital GDP. Weihai has reached a moderate-country level and ranked top 50 in terms of nationwide comprehensive economic strength and one of the 40 investment-friendly cities of China.

Urban per capita disposable income is over 20 thousand yuan increasing 20 times in the past 20 years. Rural per capita net income is nearly 10 thousand yuan. Weihai has become the deep blue area of The Outline of Development Planning of Shandong Pennisula Blue Economic Zone.

The agriculture has been developing steadily as the model of water-saving agriculture zone of China, pilot city for modernized agriculture of Shandong, and modern fishery demonstration area.

As one of the core cities of manufacturing industry base of Shandong penisula, Weihai’s industry has solid foundation with the biggest manufacture base of fishing gears, tires, medical polymer products, wood-working machines and carpets.

Weihai’s tirtiary industry has been booming, among which tourist industry has become the pillar industry of Weihai.

Weihai is the first National Hygiene City, one of the first National Excellent Tourism Cities, the first National Environmental Protection Model City, and one of the National Garden Cities. Weihai has won the honor of National Green City, National Ecological Demonstration zone, National Forest City, National Award for the Best Living Environment, Model City for Comprehensive Management of Social Order. The city also won The Best Practice for Improving Living Environment and World Habitat Award from UN. Therefore, weihai is reputed as the most livable city in the world.

In the past 20 years, the number of tourists coming to Weihai has increased 10 times with the income accounting for 11.98% of GDP from almost nothing.

Beauty of nature can be seen everywhere in Weihai. There are more than 80 scenic spots, among which Liugong Island is the national 5A-Level scenic spot; Chengtou, Chishan Mountain, Silver Beach Holiday Resort, Darushan Holiday Resort, China Town Scenic Spot, Tianmu Hot Spring Holiday Resort, Xianguding Scenic Spot and Tangbo Hot Spring are 4A-Level scenic spots. They fascinate not only tourists from China and abroad, therefore, Weihai is reputed as“the most favourite chinese tour city for European tourists